Friday, October 8, 2010

My Today *\\08.10.2010//*

hehex, im back from singapore yesterday nite ^.^
hav fun ther xD

i wan to thx michael for calling me to join them for the sg trip =)
i feel very happy and also very enjoy xD

we taking nite bus to singapore on monday nite
we reach ther around 4am in d morning @_@
crazy rite?
reach sg so early..
no place to go..
lucky got a bus fetch us the lanvader
then we walk to kallang book hotel =x
cant check in..coz normally hotel check in time is 12pm ~.~
after booking the hotel oredi 6am+
so we went to 佛牙寺 by mrt!! xD
nice place in sg =)

i love the mrt at sg, fast n nice xD
no delay, no hot n so on!!
nice train xD
not like malaysia ktm..
1 word!!>> suck -.-

after tat we went to china town jalan jalan,
but still we cant see anything around ther T.T

no choice, we go hav breakfast at kopitiam xD
i order 1 kopi kao xD
$ 0.90 xD

after breakfast we went to sentosa resort world take a walk =)
really nice xD
take some photo ther
around 11.30am +
we take mrt back to kallang to check in xD

tired days xD

we take shower n rest for fews hour in d hotel ^.^
around 5pm we went out to city, like orchard road, vivo city, china town and so on xD
take a lot of photo ther =)
walk till leg also pain ~.~

at nite we go tim sam shop yamcha xD

second day we go universal studio xD
hav fun ther xD

lazy to write le..
see photo ba =)

- by jasondeong

Monday, October 4, 2010

My Today *\\04.10.2010//*

hoho!! slep so early yesterday xD
wat time i slep???
1.30am xD

wake up around 10.30am tis morning
start packing my luggage =)
coz 2nite going to singapore xD
for how many day??
3 days xD
coz suddenly decide to go d
so dono what to bring..hahaa
packing half way went down my living room on9 -.-
coz still got cloth havent dry yet -_-
it still having sunbathe

going KL with keong around 1pm
we go ther to relax xD
how relax??
tis is our secret xD

so sad we cant go ther for whole day
coz i having 11pm bus to singapore
so we must get back to klang around 9pm
nid do some preparation
then nid hav dinner we michael, yeong, khoon and zhun hao =)

god bless me hav a nice trip with my beloved friend ^.^
love you my friend xP

- by jasondeong

Sunday, October 3, 2010

My Today *\\02.10.2010//*

2day is my last day of training!!
but i skip it!!
coz lazy to go edi ~.~

seriously 2day very boring!~
ntg to do also..
fetch my sister go tuition at 11am
after that back home watch 2 hours movie
then slep till 5pm oni wake up p.p

since i oredi finish my training
so i hav to help my father work edi
went pasar help my dad open the stall
after that i balik xD
y so fast??
coz got bbq party 2nite ^.^

sheleen come my house fetch me xD
then we went to bryan house around 7.30~
reach ther we meet michael, shinyi, yeong, khoon, kutu, jess and others =)
haiz..reach ther got ntg to eat..
coz havent start yet -.-
then jus watch tv and waiting for the fire to bbq o.o

2day bbq not really fun
and got a bit expensive o.o
nvm nar, jus a party, no nid kira so much =)

2day michael keep asking me to go sg with them =.=
some more call my mum -.-
tis time don wan go also hard le ~.~
hav fun in sg =)

- by jasondeong

My Today *\\01.10.2010//*

slep late 2day
feel very lazy to work edi
so didnt go work o.o
wake up d straight go keong ther eat chicken rice
some more rainy day~.~
wat a nice weather xD
drinking hot teh and chat around ther

at nite bring michael and friends to boston to hav their dinner =)
sambil celebrate zhun hao birthday ^.^
after finish eating they back to subang
and i find keong play 3 round snooker with me
after play then go back home =)

- by jasondeong

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My Today *\\28.09.2010//*

fetch my sister to school early in d morning @_@
after fetch my sister
go fetch keong to klang river ther eat bkt xD
wat is bkt??
bak kut teh xD

raining raining~.~
we sit at the bkt shop from 8 to 9.30+
eat n chat
enjoy our chinese teh with cold weather xD
really syok ^.^

after tat go find ah lun at sun boh!!
keng gai n ajak him go pyramid after work

me n keong plan to go ice skating around 6pm xD
and ah lun going to shopping o.O

tats it, take a nap 1st, update later =)

- by jasondeong

Sunday, September 26, 2010

My Today *\\26.09.2010//*

1 more week!!
going to end my training xD
feel so happy!!
playing around tis few days..
from start work eat till end work xD

2day abit busy!!
finally get busy!!
coz oredi few week didnt get busy d ~.~
tis 2 day i change station with lean lean xD
she go hot kitchen and i go cold kitchen
tukar tukar xD
lean told me hot kitchen really hot!!
haha!! of course la hot..
got name for u call > hot kitchen ma xD

hehex, waiting for the day coming!!
fast end training!!
i wan go play liao xD

- by jasondeong

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

My Today *\\21.09.2010//*

2day tuesday!!
working hour is 12 - 9! lazy to wake up 2day ~.~
lazy lazy lazy!!! xD

dono why i feel so enjoy 2day >.>
maybe 2day guest tak banyak o.O
when break i cook maggie with kimchi soup >.>
yum yum xD
add chicken kastu inside the maggie!!
wow!! delicious xD
after break still not busy
customer still the same.. sikit saja -.-
we playing around inside the kitchen for whole day xD
throwing ice with karim around the kitchen xD
and wyin take video for us xD
i feel very happy 2day xD
but untill 8pm+ start busy edi
order 1 kali mari x.x
lucky still can handle xD
around 9pm!!
free again xD

hope 2molo will be the same ^.^

- by jasondeong